Success by Knowing Self!

I talk a lot about self exploration and getting to know yourself. this is of the utmost importance because you want to know your limitations, your gifts, your abilities as well as where you can push yourself, how much, how far, etc.

You especially want to do what I call, your “inner work”. This is taking stock of all that is inside you. This includes all the imprints that life and other people have placed on you, getting down into the nitty gritty of everything that has led you to condition yourself to react or respond in the ways that you do. You have to go down into your underworld into all of the things that you haven’t even considered or have been afraid to confront. Sit with your self. Once you truly know your self, you are then able to know what belongs to you and what does not. What I mean by that is: what is of your own design & creation, and what has become part of you as a result of picking up other people’s baggage along the way. Often times, ways in which we’ve developed or conditioned ourselves are not even of our own intent. They are reactions that we’ve formed in response to stuff that isn’t even ours and never was. We do not have to own that anymore. Know who you are and what is yours. Own that.

So once you have a better understanding of who you are, then can also be aware of all the ways that you limit yourself. Learn how to detect those reactions and responses on sight. Now, BREAK THEM! I know that many people tell you to trust your first mind. However, I say that until you have really taken the time to sit with yourself and go through all of that necessary inner work, it would be more to your benefit to think more practically. Your first mind may be speaking in a reactionary way in response to all of that past baggage and recycled dead weight from others. A lot of releasing is required on this journey. You are releasing the impulses and knee-jerk reactions. You are releasing the need to clench up, defend, protect and control outright. Meanwhile you are embracing yourself and the abundance that that allows. The more you release what was hindering you, the more you can walk in your gifts and talents, finally maximizing on the potential that was always there. The more you understand how you’ve hindered yourself, the more you will begin to know how, when, where and why to further push yourself.

You must know yourself in order to know how you’ve hindered yourself. Once you’ve done that, you can get out of your own way!


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