The Illusion of Privilege

This video is HUGE. Let me first say that. But I won’t go into deeper criticism of it here. This post serves an altogether different purpose. This post is about a bit of introspection.

For those who’ve never had a conversation with me, know that the way my mind works is that it constantly makes connections between new things and the familiar. We can be having a conversation and it’ll immediately make me think of this Family Guy clip or that point in history, or some other global struggle, etc. Having said that, I can’t help but look at this and think about what we think is justified xenophobia in the United States against Central and South American, undocumented immigrants. I’ll grant that some criticisms do hold some truth and I myself have made them. One in particular is a phenomenon that we noticed locally. It became apparent at a point that the same bs jobs at fast food restaurants and the like that our youth in our communities used to be able to take advantage of as a first job or summer job previously, were now going to undocumented workers who chances are, were grown folks with families and the whole bit.

Having said that, I’ll say this: American dominant culture/capitalism/imperialism is a BITCH. If you’re not careful, you’ll believe its lies and if you’re not even more careful, you’ll believe that its lies apply to you. Furthermore, if you’re not EVEN MORE careful, you’ll believe that you somehow need to adhere to its lies in order to able to somehow take advantage of its supposed rewards and somehow have a place in its sunny side. If you’re not even more careful still, you’ll actually take up verbal and even physical arms to fight for and defend its lies; protect them as cherished beliefs or ways of life, as though defending a cherished loved one. What I mean by that is that, it’ll make you drink the koolaid to the point that as a Black person (for example) you’ll actually chime in, with “anti-illegal” sentiments. You’ll actually be angry at at those people as though they’ve genuinely hurt you. You’ll say and believe bs like “they’re taking jobs from us”… INSTEAD of critiquing the real problem, which is the situation that rabid capitalism and the unethical business practices that result have setup to make such situations a reality. Instead of saying, “capitalism is a piece of shit because it goes and employs people for pennies an hour like they don’t have families and any human dignity” you’ll turn on your fellow man who are victims of that same system that makes you think it’s necessary to feed your young people to it for their first job in the first place. Good old fashioned divide and conquer that’s actually running on autopilot at this point.

We have to be very careful of how we’ve been mentally conditioned in this society, how those thoughts will creep into our minds and come out of our mouths which do not serve us and do not serve those who we actually have to live with in our communities. I’m not saying that we have to all join united hands as working class socioeconomically and rail against the whole system, although that’d most likely be the best thing to do. But I am saying that we need to constantly train ourselves to constantly be more willing to connect with the humanity of other people and thereby side with ourselves, rather than unknowingly, without thinking, without questioning regurgitate and reinforce what this system dictates. This system will have you playing its game, gambling with other peoples’ lives for it, as though you ever really had a chance of winning to begin with when in reality you don’t.


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