You’ll Never Know: A Crisis of Being Human


Photo from: Pete Collier

There are philosophies that I’ve come to enjoy in this latest wave of “consciousness”. By “consciousness”, I mean Black and otherwise. A kind of awareness of one’s self and oneself’s relation to all that surrounds one and the rest of the universe, for that matter. We are indeed connected. Not only are we connected to everyone and everything that exists, but everything that ever existed. In fact, we are everything that ever existed. Matter as well as energy is never created, nor destroyed. The same carbon that exists in you now, existed millions of years ago. How beautiful of a notion is that?! How should that change one’s way of viewing oneself?

I have however found a flaw in this perspective as it is manifested in many people. That has somehow tricked many individuals into a kind of watering down of existence, so to speak. There are individuals who claim that everything is knowable.

I submit to you that that is not possible. Entirely illogical. Mathematically it is impossible. To think that it is actually is not enlightenment at all but completely flies in the face of enlightenment. One very integral element to being human, and even more so in today’s society, is the ego. The lengths to which any individual will go to protect their own ego – their pride, their imagined or mentally self created views and versions of themselves, all of us and reality – as we’ve seen in the worst atrocities throughout history have no bounds. Human ego tells us that we are so extraordinarily “other”. That we’re too good for nature. Granted, we do have higher brain capacity, the capacity for reason, etc. We are indeed special. But in the grand scheme of the universe and all that’s ever been, we amount to the same materials that have ever existed. Human ego tells us that we are the masters of all that we survey, to the point that we think that our word is final.

One of the most beautifully dangerous things that human beings tend to do is thirst for knowledge. Not wisdom, but knowledge. This is more true in some schools of thought and cultures than others. Those philosophies and cultures tell human beings that we do, should and attempt to know everything. The need to know is strictly an impulse of the human ego. I contend however, that not only is it mathematically and logically impossible to know everything that’s ever occurred or that’s ever been known, but that our need to know is simply an egotistical investment in one’s own ego. The human ego tells us that we simply must have a full grasp of everything. The selfish ego makes us invest in this notion, however impossible, suggesting that our identity, self worth and value as human beings somehow rests on that one thing being true. Making something true because you need it to be. It’s rather childish.

The thirst for knowledge is a beautiful thing… for the most part. Don’t get me wrong. Seek to explore and grow. But we as human beings need to look deeper into our understanding of connectedness with the universe. We need to learn what true peace is. We need to learn to accept some things as they are. As a matter of fact, learn to accept that things are. This goes for many things: hurtful things others do to you, something is denied that you wanted, a door is closed on you. Learn to be okay with “no”. Not necessarily limitations but that sometimes and for some things, it’s just not available to you in the way your ego may desire. It is then time to re-evaluate. Learn the peace that is taught by our Christian brothers and sisters, of “it is well with my soul”. On a more personal level, perhaps that thing, method or road just was not for you. Release your attachment to ego when necessary and the attachment to always needing to be right. Only with this acceptance can we truly be free and move forward in our growth and enlightenment.


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