Gemini Moon Rising: Kickstarter



Our stories need to be told through our eyes. Ownership of our voices and sexual selves will be one of the most significant battle grounds of society and culture of the 21st Century. Updated, multifaceted, nuanced and in-depth stories of women’s lives in our own words are not only compulsory but should be lauded with the highest praise. Gemini Moon Rising is a project that steps forward boldly to take up this charge.

New Jersey educator and writer ShaVaughn Morris, aka L.T. Robinson decided to grow her writing craft to yet another stage. She broke into writing erotica in 2010 and in 2011 wrote a piece called “Suga Around the Rim,” which introduced the characters Jo-Jo and Greg who are main characters in Gemini Moon Rising. That poem was the basis of the Gemini Moon Series and its inaugural book, A Tale of Two Spirits. The Gemini Moon series itself began as a book on relationships 11 years ago, evolving into an anthology and later a book of erotic poetry for couples.

A Tale of Two Spirits displays the lives of two women who simultaneously embark on a journey of self-love while showing the influences of sex on their journeys. Initially, the women do not know each other but their worlds ultimately collide toward the book’s conclusion.

The Kickstarter campaign was created in support of the book and Robinson’s self-publishing efforts.

In her own words…
THERE ARE ONLY A FEW DAYS LEFT in this wonderful campaign, with the deadline of April 19, 2014. You, too can make this dream come to life!
You can find this campaign at any of these sites:
To support Robinson’s dream, you can contribute at any level ranging from $1 to $1,000+, each being rewarded graciously with appreciation and recognition.
Her goal:
Overall, my goal was to tell my story. The story of my girls, the story of any and all women who have fallen a part and put themselves back together again. For those who lost hope on love and somehow love found them and reassured them that its existence isn’t short-lived. The niche is incorporating the erotica into the storyline; not specifically for an effect, but more to show the congruence between the sex and the characters’ story. The good, bad and ugly, and sometimes it gets very ugly.
Ultimately I wanted to create a story that people could relate to, but also experience the fantasy of what could happen in those situations. It’s been a challenge… a beautiful challenge. I look forward to creating the next two novels of the GMR series, along with my creativity to the limit.
I’m a storyteller and I pretty much do just that…tell stories.

You may learn more about L.T. Robinson, follow this link:

You may also connect with her on social networking at:


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