Queens’ Letters to Kings: OPEN CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS!!!



The Akoma Newark Sister Circle & Center Stage Cuts


Djembe: Mental Illness & Wellness of Black Men | June 14, 2014


We need all sistas, all queens to submit to us words of encouragement, empowerment… words of wisdom, words from the heart from you to the Black man. We want to know what our brothas mean to you. Speak lovingly and wisely, sistas. These words will be presented to each king who attends our event on June 14th, individually. A few pieces of our choosing will even be performed during our program.

To submit to us, please contact me, comment your thoughts under this post or email us at akomanewark@gmail.com. You may use in any written form; sentence, poetry, prose, letter, etc. Please let us know if you’d like your piece to be anonymous. If you represent a women’s organization and would like recognition, please indicate that, as well.

Thank you,


About the event:

The Akoma Newark Sister Circle in collaboration with Center Stage Cuts host “Djembe” screening and panel discussion on Mental Illness & Wellness for men. The event is a special screening followed by an in depth discussion on mental illness among men. The intent for this event by using the drum will spark dialogue regarding the recent shootings within the Newark community, the rise of suicide among men and create an environment where young men from all age brackets feel safe to discuss openly issues that affect them.

“Dje” translates to gather, and “be” translates to peace. Our mission is to use the Djembe to help heal a community and restore African traditions.


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