Insomniac Thoughts

How remarkable is true love?

Love. Not obsession. Not dependence. Not loving the idea of the person. Not loving how they posses or fit the criteria of what you think you want in a mate. Not how you can fit them into your schedule. Not how fascinated you are by certain things they can do. Not how much they please and appease and pacify you.

True love. How you always feel compelled to simply be in their space. How they feel like home. How intimacy with them makes such a strong spiritual energy and connection. Soul food. You truly feel like you’ve become one in those moments. Their slightest touch is like medicine. Healing. How seeing them, hearing from them, or even thinking of them gives you courage to do what you must do, and even do what you never thought you would do. Just knowing that they’re present. How the very sight of them makes you – even if only for a moment – forget about yourself entirely, and all you want to do is care and provide for them. What matters is their happiness, their care… That they’re protected. When it doesn’t even matter that they don’t know what to do all of the time, or that they don’t know how or have all of the answers. When disagreement is just another layer to what makes them, beautifully them, rather than a reason to mistrust or disregard them. When their dreams become part of yours. And you solemnly pray for their increase. You want to be present for all their moments, no matter how dark, deep, ugly or how beautiful. Their triumphs being your heart joy. Their pain breaks your heart. And all of their moments in life, as you watch them go and grow through them, make them more beautiful.

True love isn’t selfish. We should all be so lucky to find someone who would love us truly.


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