All Lives Matter Isn’t A Thing… It’s Actually A Silencer

Just to be clear about this so hopefully I don’t ever have to spend energy stating it ever again… The very reason why (beyond just not giving a crap or racism or whatever else) there is such backlash and dissent when black folks speak up for ourselves, is very simple: to even consider that what we’re saying is true is to say simultaneously that status quo is wrong. That there is a problem with the way things are. That the way things already are has to be changed. That they must take sole, majority or even partial responsibility for that change occurring. And folks simply don’t wanna f*in do it. It doesn’t affect them and they would rather believe that the problem is us, and thereby sharing no responsibility. Because if status quo is wrong, that means they are wrong. That means all their houses and being waited on first and not followed around in stores and being able to take our their trash in their neighborhoods without being mistaken for a thief and being shot, is wrong… Is not deserved. That means that they would have to change status quo. That means that there is something wrong with the way their lives run. And if you felt in your mind that it was your duty and power to walk over to any random person and demand that they tell you why you’re here, because you don’t seem like you belong, why would you want to live any other way? Why would you want to say that that is wrong?

In short:

Black folks: There’s something wrong here.

White folks: No there isn’t. There’s something wrong with you.

It’s very difficult to believe that “all lives matter,” when some portion of that implied “all” makes a statement and the rest basically says “stfu, nobody asked your opinion.” Wait… I thought y’all said “all,” though.


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