You Are Not Entitled To Your Opinion

Anyone who knows me would agree that I am an extremely big advocate of speaking one’s truth. This is especially necessary for marginalized peoples and otherwise suppressed voices.

Anyone who knows me would also agree that I attempt to remain practical… most of the time. That being said: At the risk of quieting marginalized voices… I’d say that this cult of the individual society that we have which puts the individual above all else and argues that the individual is always exceptional to any others, especially the collective, as also fueled by rabid capitalism and materialism, teaches folks that everything they think and say by sheer virtue that they think and say it has value. It’s true that you should speak your truth…

There’s no guarantee that your truth isn’t going to prove to us all that you’re an idiot. Just like when you criticize someone’s behavior and lack of responsibility and they go, “that’s just how I am.” Okay well, how you are is a complete jerk.
So now what?
You don’t get to be a jerk without recourse. It doesn’t work that way. You don’t get to say shit without challenge. Nobody is above reproach. And saying, “that’s just my opinion,” is no defense. You do not get to uphold destructive and oppressive paradigms and think nobody can challenge you. You don’t get to say any old thing that shows a clear lack of fucks given and expect to be taken seriously.
Examine your shit.
Question things.
Be introspective.
That’s what is expected. It’s about responsibility and accountability. Integrity. The fact of the matter is that when one enters into discourse about any MATTER, especially as it affects the general populace, you have left the realm of hearsay and have entered the realm of scholarship. There are expectations among scholars, chief among them is that you have actually put in the work and effort to pour over sources in order to have reached your conclusion, deduction, etc. This is a prerequisite.
If you don’t or won’t – notice that I did not say “can’t”- do that, then admit it and accept your fate or designation as an idiot. So we don’t have to waste time on you. And that’s fine. But. Take responsibility for that. Say, “this is what I’m sticking to.”
Ok thanks. Let me leave you to it then.

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