I’m Not Impressed and I’m Not Beat: A Rant on the Spectacle of Monique Pressley

Exactly when are we gonna get over our fascination that there happens to be an attractive Black woman who can say smart words with good timing, so that we can remain focused on the fact that Bill Cosby been raping folks?

Even people who were in the right side last week are now focused on the awe of this woman who’s nothing more than a smart marketing tool by his management team. They waved a shiny ball that evidently people don’t think existed as is implied by folks’ reactions, and these fools fell right for it.

She is doing her job. At which she is phenomenal. For which she is well paid. She is token. She is a good marketing strategy and power move made by a management team that is now well seasoned and established. However, I’m not one to be mentally manipulated by simple good marketing. At no point have either she or Cosby stressed his innocence – only that there is no evidence. Anybody with two minutes of a law, humanities or philosophy degree can see right through that.

Black folks are now beating each other over the head to celebrate her background and credentials, affiliations and whatever else they can conjure up. All of this is consequently implying that that is somehow abnormal or dazzling. There are amazing, powerful, well spoken Black women all over the world who can form declarative sentences. It’s like being amazed that water is wet. More to the point, many of the same individuals praising her this week were on diatribes all the days prior about how Black women are overwhelmingly educated by white standards and enjoying more corporate upward mobility in predominantly white spaces; how the white man is supposedly using the Black woman against the Black man. So am I to now understand that coupled with the complete erasure of the stories of the Black women who Cosby abused, that only Black women who make all concessions for Black men are laudable? And not only that, how do all of those aforementioned conspiracy theories therefore apply here? Rhetorical.

For all the simple minded conspiracy nuts who wanted so bad to call this a distraction in the first place, there’s your real distraction.

Dis tew much.

I’m not impressed. He raped folks. Let’s stay focused.



Update on 1/10/16:

I went ahead and disabled comments on this point… Because some folks either can’t comprehend well, because they somehow think that I’m discrediting or “hating on” this sista, or think I’m going to argue with them. This ain’t that type of party…