Status: Things I Think at Random… On “profanity”

Profanity, so-called “nice language” and so-called “bad language.” What “our” society thinks and says about its use. How that ties into Victorian ideals that we still hold as societal standards. How artificial Victorian ideals are, because the danger always lies within the doors & windows of the pristine… or what seems pristine on the outside. “The Turn of the Screw”. Keeping up appearances. Authenticity. How folks who speak other languages remark that English speakers, particularly of the US are disingenuous when we speak… That people say and believe that use of “profane language” or “curse words” shows a lack of mental & intellectual maturity, when studies show that it actually shows the complete opposite. The meaning of “profane”; not-sacred, secular, unholy, not Christian. “Curse”; to invoke energetic or spiritual harm, to spiritually bend to your selfish will. The idea that we are not supposed to allow ourselves to be powerful enough to shape our own environments. Why something is considered unholy if it only defies supposed, imposed Victorian, Christian mores. Why people fear spirit, rather than learning to work with it, dark or light. When my student/mentee said the bathroom is haunted and I told her that if she feels or hears something she doesn’t like, tell it “go away,” and if she is too afraid, to come get me and I’ll tell it. “Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto” — Terence the Afer (philosopher from Carthage aka home to Hannibal aka Africa, land of the Afers). I am human and consider nothing that is human to be alien to me. I’d add: I am spirit and consider nothing that is spirit to be alien to me.

How trains of thought work in my head…


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