Status: Things I Think at Random

The modern western concept of God… the manifestation of God or rather the divine nature of God… Disillusionment with the establishment, wanting to distance oneself from Christianity and the Abrahamic “traditions,” among many Black folks… Rebelling against what we have come to understand as our colonizer’s and masters’ tools to indoctrinate and inculturate us, but doing so by using their concepts and their methods of ridicule and the like… Fearing what one does not understand… People of African descent having a gross lack of knowledge about ourselves, our heritage and what we were before this… not knowing yourself to the point that many of us make jokes and memes, ridiculing the concept or belief that Jesus was himself and God in flesh at the same time, not knowing that the multiplicity of God has always been the way in which Africans saw God… That God manifests God’s self in various forms for various works… That the creator pours a bit of ase’ in all creations, and created each Orisha as one particular part of the ase’ to represent and carry out specific functions… That our traditions have always been monotheistic. That it was an African theologian who introduced the concept of the holy trinity in order to “explain” the nature of Christ and relationship to God… He lent traditional African thought to help solve a problem of Christianity (albeit imperialistic). 3 in 1. 3 is Eshu’s… Messages… Lessons… Death… always come in 3s.

The jokes aren’t so funny anymore once you reveal that you simply lack knowledge of self.

How my trains of thought work. Things I think at random…


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