Why Harriet Tubman DOES NOT Belong on Money

Sometime on or near May 12, 2015, it was revealed to the world that the likes of Women on 20s was pushing campaigns to battle patriarchy by nominating and petitioning for women to appear on the faces of US dollar bills.

It was then revealed that our ancestor Harriet Tubman was a top contender, being petitioned to be placed on the $20 bill, in place of President Andrew Jackson.

At that time, I was moved to write a scathing Facebook status post which then made its rounds on social media and even to national radio. As today, April 20, 2016 it was announced that the Department of the Treasury would indeed be adding Mother Tubman to the $20 bill, I thought no better time to share my same thoughts again. They still ring true:

Bear with me…. it’s a lot

Harriet Tubman was anti-establishment… so much so that she railed against the economic, government, legal and industrial systems that were the law of the land at the time in this country. she railed against slavery which was at the time THE biggest thing on which this entire society was based. she railed against it to such a degree that she literally stole the most precious gross domestic product: human chattel. and made no bones about it. and would have killed anyone in her way of doing it. and said that she would have freed thousands more had they been mentally prepared. this same country which still has legal slavery, technically, via the 13th amendment. which had not even verbally apologized or recognized that slavery was an atrocity until my lifetime… which has not recognized and definitely has not attempted to even verbalize the necessity of recouping any of the stolen wages, stolen profits on which this country was built, has not even batted an eye at corporations still standing that gained their first profits off of slavery like Aetna, no losses recouped from lands stolen, not even peonage and sharecropping, not segregation, not lynching, not nuttin of the sort…. we built the damn white house for god sake and ppl just look at it like an old cherished relic. naw. it aint a cherished relic lmao it’s a monument to the enslavement and disenfranchisement of human beings. human beings that you claim are full citizens but still do not have equal protection under the law. reparations isnt even a discussion, or accepted as a viable discussion… let alone actually getting back any of that lost value or equity or ability to accrue wealth. NO concessions made. not one olive branch. and u wanna take one of the biggest icons whose very life’s work railed against allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll of that and put her on a federal reserve note? it’s not even US legal tender anymore… it’s a federal reserve note. this is the same country that wont even lift a finger to ethically, properly teach about slavery unilaterally as to prevent fuckery like what goes on in texas textbooks…. but u wanna put her on a federal reserve note lol. to replace the same president who basically began the downfall of Haiti by refusing to recognize it as its own nation state upon its independence. the same country that still looks at abraham lincoln as the great emancipator, who wholeheartedly believed in compensating state governments and private owners for financial losses via emancipation. who had negotiations with other presidents to wrap our asses up and ship us outta here, down to work in the mines in south america some damn place rather than have us be free and walking around here. and he’s on hella money. in fact, if put on the money, she’d be surrounded mostly by slave owners on the rest of the money lmao. this is a country that does NOTHING about the human trafficking going on here presently. and does NOTHING about most citizens living as wage slaves and seeks to remove any type of public safety net whatsoever, while still promoting complete capitalist greed. the same country that supports corporations taking production abroad, producing wage slaves around the world.

Nah lmao. There is only one logical explanation for this. Capitalism. The same way that they will take MLK and repackage em like they invented him… They’re reforming the narrative of who she was and what she meant within the narrative of this country’s history – the lie it tells of itself – and own it, and repackage it to us with a nice green bow on it, at low low walmart prices. knowing we’ll eat that shit up. how do you own my revolution against you and sell it to me like it was your idea? That’s american capitalism for ya……. This system is incredible lmao But it’s very good at what it does.

Gotta be tryna give us Scooby snacks so we stop rioting lol. And can we talk about the Hell wrought on blacks here after Haiti revolted? Took all language, all drums, all right to assembly, all ability to practice traditional spirituality.

Andrew Jackson, by the way, is currently on the $20 and NOBODY seems to have a problem with this. Homie owned slaves WHILE HE WAS PRESIDENT!!!!!! …….. bought his first slave, a young woman, in 1788. By 1794 his business included slave trading and he had purchased at least 16 slaves. In the 1820s Jackson owned about 160 slaves. He did not free his slaves in his will. He was president from 1829-1837.

Agenda… agenda… agenda


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