We Make Unrealistic Demands on Creatives

Feeling the compulsion to reprise and complete a piece I started last week in response to the comments on girls’ school outfit choices, made by Erykah Badu. It has become even more clear to me in the death, mourning and obsessive search for cause of death, and even more by the conspiracy theories and the criticisms of all proposed causes of death of the immortal being that is Prince, that we made very unrealistic demands on our creatives. They may appear to be larger than life. They may appear to be on a pedastal. They may appear to have the position and platform to be so much better than us, but we cannot expect them to be any less human and any less growing than us. We have to realize that the demands that we make on their creation take tolls on their selves… on their bodies. We need to learn compassion for them.


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