Midday Reflection: Misplacing Love

Sometimes you just have the urge to love on somebody…

At least I do. But when it comes to loving on folks, it comes more natural for me – and I also strive to maintain it that way – that my love for an individual is just that… a love for that individual. It’s wrapped up in appreciation and adoration for that person’s unique essence, as it is. Whatever vibrates to make you you, is what I love. From time to time, I have a unique desire for that particular energy and the nearness of it.

That being said… what I have learned in setting healthy boundaries for self, to maintain that natural flow, is not to allow self to sink into what seems to be the culture of the day, in simply seeking out a body to fill a void. It is a mistake to seek the love of another or build a relationship of any sort with another for a purpose, in this sense. Don’t go out searching for a significant other or even forming a bond as a significant other just to “have someone to love.” It should always be a love for that person and their energy in particular. If that is the impulse, then understand that you are attempting to fill a void within the self with external energies, when the thing that needs to be filled is within. Wherever the hurt or underdevelopment lies, is within the self.

So instead of seeking the attention and fulfillment elsewhere, the issue lies with the love inside the self. There is healing that needs to take place there. Darkness that needs nurturing there. This desire, impulse or hunger has arisen to provide a new opportunity to work with an energy to which I had not been previously paying enough attention. A new opportunity to love the self, and learn more deeply about the self. Balance must be restored.


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